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MIT4_651F10_lec09 - M IT 4.65 1 A R T SXNCE 1940 L E CT UR...

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MIT 4.65 1 ART SXNCE 1940 Prof. Camline A . Jones L ECTUR E NOTES, printed October 6,20 10 Week 5: FIFTIES ( A N D LATER): HOT ART/ COLD WAR Lecture 9, Bay Area Figurative Art, Funk, and Chicapo's gHaiw Who9' Thesi~: In these West coast and Midwestern art movements, we can sce an "internal rebellion" against the dominance of New York painting, critics, and market in the U. S . postwar. In other words: this is not (or not only) "provincial" art, but an argument with hegemony. I. Bay Area Figurative (SF, 1950-65) key decade: 1950s into '60s A) First Generation: David Park, Elmer Bischoff, Richard Diebenkorn, James Weeks B) "Bridge" Generation: Nathan Oliveira, Paul Wonner, Theophilus Brown C) Second Generation (into Fwik): Joan Brown, Manual Neri, Bruce McGaw It. California Funk (SF/ LA, late 50s into 60s) A) The "Beats" - life, drugs, and poetry (Kerouac, Ginsberg) Wallace Berman + "Semina" B) "Rat Bastard Protective Association," Bruce Comer C) Hermetic underground: Jay De Feo,
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  • Fall '08
  • LawrenceSass
  • American painters, Roger Brown, David Park, Bay Area Figurative Movement, Artists from California, Bay Area Figurative

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