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MIT 4.651 ART SINCE 1940 Prof. Caroline A. Jones LECTURE NOTES Week 7: COOL ART / COLD WAR Lecture 11: “Post-Painterly Abstraction” and Formalist Sculpture; Greenberg’s reign key decade: 1950s into ‘60s terms: Color Field, “Post-Painterly” abst. I. Greenberg’s search for AbEx’s successor: A) Helen Frankenthaler (b. US 1928) Per artist Morris Louis, “a bridge between Pollock and what was possible,” per art historian/critic Michael Fried “pregnant with possibilities” (!) B) Morris Louis (b Louis Bernstein, US, 1912-1962)± C) Kenneth Noland (US, b. 1924)± II. Formalism and sculpture: Anthony Caro (UK, b. 1924) III. Formalism’s occlusions± A) Frankenthaler’s body± B) Ellsworth Kelly (US, b. 1923)± IV. The uptake of formalism± A) Kelly’s public art± B) Kelly algorithm:±
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Unformatted text preview: Review of Midterm images S ELECTED IMAGES Frankenthaler, M ountains and Sea October 1952*± Frankenthaler, Scene w/ Nude (a.k.a. Personal Landscape) October 1952*± Frankenthaler, Arcadia, 1962± Frankenthaler, Orange Proscenium, 1968± Louis, Charred Journal: Firewritten, 1951± Louis, Tet, 1958 (compares with Blue Veil at Harvard and on the website)± Louis, Alpha 1960± Noland, Song, 1958± Noland, Blue Veil, 1963± Caro, 24 H ours1960± Caro, Prairie 1967± Kelly, Sixty-Four Panels: colors for a large wall, 1951± Kelly, Green, Blue, Red, 1964± * same month, same artist MIT OpenCourseWare 4.651 Art Since 1940 Fall 2010 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: ....
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MIT4_651F10_lec11 - Review of Midterm images S ELECTED...

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