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MIT4_651F10_paper2 - MIT 4.651 ART SINCE 1940 Research...

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MIT 4.651 ART SINCE 1940 Prof. Caroline A. Jones Research Papers pdf November 16, 2010 Your research paper should be at least 10 pages in length, and not more than 25; it should be cleanly typed with proper, humanities-style footnotes to all source material, plus a bibliography of all sources consulted. A NY USE OF SOURCES WITHOUT PROPER CITATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED PLAGIARISM . You should provide good labeled photocopies of whatever images or objects you discuss in detail; if reproductions aren't available, a sketch, line drawing, or your own photograph is acceptable. Your thesis argument should be clearly stated in your first paragraph and reflected in your choice of a title for your essay; it should motivate your writing throughout and reach some resolution in your conclusion. I strongly suggest that you work from an outline to keep your essay on track. Read it over when you are done with your first draft -- did you reach the conclusion you thought you would? If not, go back and change the beginning to fit your conclusion! Make your paper a coherent essay, not a collection of observations glued together with others’ ideas. I will be happy to meet with you during office hours to discuss your choice of a topic, to go over outlines or drafts, or talk about alternative approaches (see suggested topics, below). Papers are due
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  • Fall '08
  • LawrenceSass
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sylvan Barnett, Prof. Caroline A., Caroline A. Jones, Prof. Caroline A. Jones

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MIT4_651F10_paper2 - MIT 4.651 ART SINCE 1940 Research...

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