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Spring 2010 Study Guide, Final Exam The Causes of War The final exam for the course will be held in our regular classroom on Friday, May 7, from 8 to 11am. It will consist of three parts: (1) ten multiple choice questions; (2) two (out of three) concepts which you will be asked to define, explain the significance (in terms of the course), give historical examples, and, when possible, cite relevant readings; and (3) an essay question. The essay will ask you to synthesize ideas and concepts from the readings and class discussions into a coherent argument about the causes of war. Below are key concepts and important ideas from both the readings and lectures that might appear on either Part One or Part Two the exam. Dyadic Level Causes of War 5 outcomes of religiously-motivated terrorism Arms Control: The Historical Experience Asymmetric Warfare Demobilization, Low Armament and Target Group Arms Reductions The Soft Underbelly of Primacy Offense-Defense Theory Domestic Causes of War Democratic Peace Hypothesis
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