Lab 4 Microcontact Printing

Lab 4 Microcontact Printing - Bioengineering 167L Lab 4...

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Bioengineering 167L Lab 4 Process : Microcontact printing (surface patterning) Required Equipment : balance, plasma cleaner, compressed air Chemicals : Fluorescein-chicken serum albumin (CSA) (from Lab 2) Phosphate buffered saline (PBS) Deionized (DI) Water PDMS stamp from mold (from lab 3) Supplies : 20 mL scintillation vial, aluminum foil, pipettes SAFETY : Wear gloves, safety glasses, and lab coats. Do not gaze into the plasma cleaner for prolonged periods of time. PURPOSE : The objective of Lab 4 is to pattern a surface with the labeled protein from Lab 2. Patterned surfaces are used often in cell biology to probe cell behavior on substrates and cell response to adsorbed chemical signals. PROCEDURE : PDMS Release 1. Retrieve your cast mold from the oven. 2. Use a thin spatula to free all edges of the PDMS from the mold. If the PDMS ran over the top of the device use a razor blade to cut around the top so that the central PDMS block is independent of that which overflowed. Store the mold in your assigned drawer. 3. When you are certain the PDMS is free from the walls of the mold pry it out. If the PDMS is not to be used immediately, cover the featured surface of the block with saran wrap for storage. In this lab, you can omit this part. 4. Plasma clean the stamp (feature side up) for 30 seconds. Follow the procedures for Plasma Surface Treatment. 5. After the plasma treatment, the following procedures for Micro-contact printing
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Lab 4 Microcontact Printing - Bioengineering 167L Lab 4...

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