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Lab 6 Protocol _ uContactPrinting_contactAngle

Lab 6 Protocol _ uContactPrinting_contactAngle -...

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Bioengineering 167L Lab 6 Process: Contact angle measurements with PDMS stamps Required Equipment: Digital camera, Plasma cleaner Chemicals: Fluorescein-BSA solution (from Lab 2) New PDMS stamps (from Lab 5) Minimum essential media powder Phosphate buffered saline powder Sodium bicarbonate Water 6N HCl Supplies: 20 mL scintillation vial, pipettes, aluminum foil, small petri dish, glass slides, flat PDMS pieces, filter tops SAFETY: Wear gloves, safety glasses, and lab coats. Do not gaze into the plasma cleaner for prolonged periods of time. PURPOSE: The objective of Labs 6 is to retrieve the PDMS stamps from lab 5 and do contact angle measurements with them. PROCEDURE : PDMS Release 1. Retrieve your cast mold from the oven. 2. Use a thin spatula to free all edges of the PDMS from the mold. If the PDMS ran over the top of the device use a razor blade to cut around the top so that the central PDMS block is independent of that which overflowed. 3. When you are certain the PDMS is free from the walls of the mold pry it out. Immediately cover the featured surface of the block with saran wrap. 4. To one of the PDMS stamps, plasma clean the stamp (feature side up) for 30 seconds.* *Plasma Surface Treatment : 1. Place your stamp on the tray located somewhere around the plasma cleaner with the features up (flat side down). Place the tray inside the plasma cleaner. 2. The Swagelok valve has three directions (closed, open to atmosphere, and adjustably open). Turn the valve so that it points toward neither open setting (vertical). 3. Press the pump button and gently push then pull the door to make sure it is closed. 5. Wait 2 minutes and read the next steps. 6. After two minutes press the power button. After several seconds a pinkish light should appear in the window.
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4. Turn the valve so that the arrow points toward the adjustably open setting. The knob should be set to the optimal setting. If the pink light does not appear brighter then turn the knob a few degrees in either direction until the light is at its peak intensity.
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