Lab 6 Key - Lab time PHS 381 Biodynamics PROJECTILES...

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Lab time: _ PHS 381 - Biodynamics PROJECTILES, NEWTON'S 2ND LAW, AND WATER BALLOONS Learning objective (N’s 2 nd law, projectiles): To increase understanding of projectiles, Newton's 2nd Law of Motion, and impulse and momentum. To increase understanding of work. This includes the relationships between Force and time (Impulse) and also the relationships between Force and distance (work). Equipment: W ater balloons You will need to go out and get some water balloons and find someone to play catch with. (you guys are lucky your in the summer class, In the fall and Spring I make my labs do this and it’s not always warm) I. Impulse and momentum while catching a water balloon! Find a partner and fill up some water balloons. Stand about 15 feet away from your partner and toss the balloon to him or her. Your partner should try to catch the balloon without breaking it. Your partner then takes a large step backward and tosses the balloon to you. Repeat this throwing and catching process and see how far away from each other you can be and still catch the balloon intact. Observe the throwing and catching actions of your partner. Note which person in each group got wet in this activity - the thrower or the catcher. ACTIVITY I Questions 1. Who got wet most often, the thrower or catcher? Can you explain why using concepts/laws that we have covered in class? (2 pts) The catcher was wet more often. When you throw the balloon, you are changing 
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Lab 6 Key - Lab time PHS 381 Biodynamics PROJECTILES...

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