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When throwing a water balloon, or any other object, the impulse and determines the release velocity. Which of the factors that make up impulse is most easily manipulated during a water balloon throw/catch to increase the impulse? Explain. (4 pts.) Impulse is force x time. During both a water balloon throw and catch, the time interval is the more easily manipulated factor of impulse. By doing one of several things ranging from wearing a padded glove, to holding your arms extended outward and then cradling the balloon into your body, you can easily increase the time over which the force is applied when the balloon is tossed to you. During a throw, the easier to manipulate aspect is again the technique, or the time interval. If you put too much force on it too quickly, it will break. So, you can only change the force within a very small window without breaking the balloon. Thus, it is easier to apply the force over a longer duration of time to get the balloon to go further. Force has its
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