Midterm Review solutions from old exam

Midterm Review solutions from old exam - 1.) What is the...

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1.) What is the essence of just in time philosophy? A) Eliminate waste B) Reduce cost C) Preparing a budget D) Calculate the variances 2.) What is the typical product life cycle? A) Product development, introduction to market, mature market, phase out of market B) Phase out, mature, product development C) Product development, mature, phase out D) Introduction, product development, mature, phase out 3.) A characteristic of service organizations is that A)labour is intensive . B)plant and equipment costs are high in proportion to labour costs. C)output is easy to define. D)major inputs and outputs can be stored. 4)All costs other than direct material and direct labour that are associated with the manufacturing process are called A)conversion costs. B) factory-overhead costs. C)prime costs. D) product costs. 5)Which of the following is NOT a factory overhead cost? A)Wages of machine operators B)Factory utilities C)Wages of supervisors D)Amortization of the machinery
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6)A unique individual product would be better accounted for using a A)process costing system. B) job-order costing system. C)product costing system. D) period costing system. 7)A department that is equipment intensive would most likely use a predetermined departmental overhead rate based on which of the following cost drivers: A)direct labour cost B) machine hours C)direct labour hours D) units of direct labour used Use the following information to answer question 8: Estimated overhead $320,000 Actual overhead costs incurred $344,400 Estimated direct labour hours 40,000 Actual direct labour hours worked 42,000 8)The predetermined overhead rate for applying manufacturing overhead would be:
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Midterm Review solutions from old exam - 1.) What is the...

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