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rome1 worksheet with answers - AR107 Art History I...

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Rome Worksheet Part 1 During the Roman Republic and Early Empire wall paintings were popular. Later scholars divided them into four styles. Describe each of the four styles: First Style Masonry – walls made to look like stone, particularly marble, never completely went out of style Second Style 3D illusion – three dimensional scenes that covered three walls, ex. Villa of Mysteries and Garden scene from Livia’s villa Third Style monochromatic background with thin columnar outlines framing a small image Fourth Style architectural fantasies and framed 3d illusion images How were these numerous frescos discovered? from excavating the ashes from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD When Mt. Vesuvius erupted in it destroyed Pompeii and what other city? Herculean What building material most affected Roman architecture? concrete A groin vault is defined as two barrel vaults of equal size intersected at right angles The Pont du Gard was built by the Romans to supply water to which city? Nîmes, France
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rome1 worksheet with answers - AR107 Art History I...

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