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Argument Journal Please create a journal for your final research assignment that includes each of the following components. You can change topics later if you need to. Claim: State your major Claim Warrant: Identify a warrant for your major claim Entries: Entry 1 – Response : write a paragraph which clearly states your response to the claim you have identified. What do you think about it? Entry 2 – Definition: Identify the key terms in your major claim and define them in at least two
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Unformatted text preview: ways. Entry 3 – Counter: Explain in a paragraph your opponent’s position. What would someone who thinks the opposite of your claim say? How would you prove them wrong? How would you defend your position from attack? Entry 4 – Multi-appeal: How can you appeal to a reader’s needs (identify 2) to get them to accept your claim? Use emotion where appropriate! DUE: END of SEMESTER....
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