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To: William Hill From: Rishabh Ruia Re: Dear Mr. Hill, I am currently employed as a sub assembly-3 worker in HiFli. We are in charge of assembling the nose for the rockets. Addressing the problems for my department I would like to bring to light a few points- the bottlenecks of communication policies and communication delays, waiting on parts for assembly and the poor quality of parts. The latter of the aforementioned problems directly arise from the first one, the bottlenecks of communication policies and communication delays. For instance, during our recent sales to TCI, the boards projected aim, of sales of up to 6 rockets was not commuted clearly up to the our department, thus we kept assembling the nose and eventually had 3 in excess. Owing to this excess production we kept waiting on parts which, when they did come were poor in quality. Thus, the poor quality and delayed supplies would have arisen out of work overload. Owing to my direct involvement in the assembly department I have a few suggestions for solving
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