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Evolution - characteristics from the previous generation...

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Evolution Living organisms normally interact with the environment for their daily requirements. There are always changes going on in the environment. To adapt to these changes, there are genetic changes in the animal. The process of adaptation in a new generation animal in the population is called evolution. Evolution allows for changes in interactions between the organism and its environment. The evolved organism is more capable of adapting to changes in the environment. This adaptation in the organism leads to the formation of a new species and also newer organisms within the species. So with evolution, a new species is formed but certain
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Unformatted text preview: characteristics from the previous generation remain intact. Ecology Ecology is the study of the relationships between the environment and the organism, and between various organisms . Due to interaction with the environment, the organism and its environment continuously influence each other. Animate organisms can migrate to another place if the environment is not suited to their survival in a given region. For instance, frogs cannot live in water if there are too many crocodiles on their side of the pond. Nonliving things cannot change their environment....
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