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Scientific Methodology - Scientific Methodology...

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Scientific Methodology Introduction To study the sciences , including biology, a person must adopt a certain manner of thinking about questions, The methods used to answer questions about biology require a scientist to think about all the possibilities that could explain an observation. The scientist then refers to the research that other scientists and experts have done which might help him or her to better understand the problem. Then experiments are designed which will rule out all the possibilities exept one. If all possibilities exept one are ruled out, then the remaining possibility must be true explanation. Scientific method consists of the following steps. i) Observation The scientist objectively ( without forming opinions yet) observes a particular phenomenon in nature or in the labratory. A problem based on that observation is declared. The scientist then formulates the required steps to solve the problem. Because other scientists may also beworking on this same problem or similar problems, the scientist must use the library to read about what
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Scientific Methodology - Scientific Methodology...

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