SPA 211 syllabusSpring 2011 Jan 100

SPA 211 syllabusSpring 2011 Jan 100 - Department of Speech...

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Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology SPA/DST 211 Deaf Culture and Community SPA 211 is intended to provide a comprehensive orientation to the Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities in continents around the globe. Students will learn the basic vocabulary and grammar of American Sign Language. Consideration will also be given to school systems for the Deaf in Europe, India, and the U.S. The students will be introduced to the sociolinguistic aspects of educational, political and environmental impacts on Deaf culture, identity, and language. Instructor Information Instructor: Professor Kathleen Hutchinson Office: Bachelor 3 (This is inside the Main Speech Pathology and Audiology Department Office, Bachelor 2; I am the Chair of the department; see receptionist at front desk) Contact: Email preferred: Ph. 529-2500 (leave msg. with Debbie Ferriell, my Administrative Assistant). Office Hours: Wed and Thursday11:30 .12;30 pm 2:00 -3:00 pm& Wed 1:00 -2:00 pm; Usually for 15-20 minutes following our class NOTE: best to schedule an appointment if possible Teaching Assistant: Hannah Eppley Email: COURSE Goals: 1. To consider the contemporary global, national, and local issues of deaf people and the Deaf community using an integrated perspective that applies knowledge about “Deaf-World” from diverse disciplines and methodologies. 2. To engage in cross-issue analysis and application: to apply global, national, and local issues in Deaf-World to the non-deaf world and vice versa; to apply identity, ethnicity, and “diversity” models to a study of Deaf- World and vice versa 3. To employ, in an interdisciplinary case study model, “deafness” as a disability experience/condition and “Deafness” as a culture and community identity in order to also explore broader issues within the global disability experience. 4. To become aware of the diversity within diversity and difference within difference that marks and makes up contemporary “Deaf-World.” 5. To explore the historical, philosophical, linguistic, social, cultural, educational, medical and artistic past, present, and future of deaf/Deaf/hard-of-hearing people. OBJECTIVES OF COURSE : Students should a. Understand core concepts regarding the role of environment, cultural difference and historical developments upon Deaf culture and the role of Sign Language in the overall
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growth of the individual. For example, through small group activities using a “Myths of Deafness” handout as a guide, students will identify their own stereotypical thinking about persons with disabilities and assess the past and present association of Deaf persons to disability groups. . b.
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SPA 211 syllabusSpring 2011 Jan 100 - Department of Speech...

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