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Unformatted text preview: SPA 211 Deaf Culture and Community Date Assignment Given Assignment Due 11-Jan None 13-Jan ASSN 1 Reading Completed 18-Jan ASSN 2 Completed 20-Jan ASSN 3 Completed 25-Jan ASSN 4 Completed 27-Jan Con't ASSN 5 1-Feb ASSN 5 Completed 3-Feb ASSN 6 Completed 8-Feb ASSN 7 Completed 10-Feb ASSN 8 Completed 15-Feb ASSN 9 Completed 17-Feb ASSN 10 Completed 22-Feb ASSN 11 Completed 24-Feb ASSN 12 Completed 1-Mar ASSN 13 Completed 3-Mar ASSN 14 Completed 15-Mar ASSN 15 Completed 17-Mar ASSN 16 Completed 22-Mar 24-Mar ASSN 18 Completed 29-Mar ASSN 19 Completed 31-Mar ASSN 20 Completed 5-Apr ASSN 22: Groups EFGH finalize presentation ASSN 21 Completed - Groups ABCD Present 7-Apr ASSN 23: Groups IJKL finalize presentation ASSN 22 Completed - Groups EFGH Present 12-Apr ASSN 23 Completed - Groups IJKL Present 14-Apr Con't ASSN 24 19-Apr ASSN 24 Completed 21-Apr Con't ASSN 25 26-Apr ASSN 25 Completed 28-Apr ASSN 26 Completed 5-May Final Exam ASSN 27 Completed ASSN 1: -Reassigning Meaning - Excerpt from Linton's Claiming Disability (PDF posted on Bb). Linton's Claiming Disability (PDF posted on Bb)....
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This note was uploaded on 11/10/2011 for the course SPN 211 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '11 term at Miami University.

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