Grading Rubric for Rehearsal Response Paper

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Grading Rubric for Rehearsal Response Paper THE 191, Spring 2011 No paper outside the 700-800 word limit will be accepted. Quotations need to be cited using MLA format. Up to 10 points may be deducted for improper citations. Failure to acknowledge a direct quotation constitutes plagiarism, and will be dealt with according to the academic integrity guidelines published in the Student Handbook. Up to 5 points may be deducted for excessive spelling or grammatical errors. I. Expectations: provide an introduction that summarizes the understanding you had of the theatrical rehearsal process before the experience. It should include the following: A description of your previous understanding of the rehearsal process (5 points) A statement regarding how your previous understanding shaped your expectations of the rehearsal (5 points) II. Situate the event: conjecture about how the particular rehearsal you saw fits into the entire rehearsal process From the book’s description of the rehearsal process, identify the kind of rehearsal
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