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THE 191 Script-1 - A Bittersweet Revenge Character List:...

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A Bittersweet Revenge Character List: Caroline (The mother)—A middle-aged sophisticated working woman appearing in dark clothing, egotistical and cruel with hair pulled back. Brittany (The daughter)—Normal teenage girl in jeans, innocent and pure in appearance, deeply invested in her relationship and girly in mannerism. Todd (The ex-boyfriend)—Normal teenage clothing (jeans and a hoodie), with a backwards hat), arrogant and self-centered. Jamie (The new girlfriend)—Clueless, naïve, quiet and troubled Police Officers Student 1 Student 2 Props: 2 Laptops Cell phone Diary Pencil Flashlight (for lighting effect) 2 water bottles THE SCRIPT SCENE ONE (Brittany and Todd appear in Brittany’s bedroom center stage, lying together while a movie finishes. The lights are dimmed.) Todd: I hate chick flicks. I can’t believe you made me watch that. Brittany: But I love Ryan Gosling! He’s so dreamy. Todd: What, am I not hot enough for you? Brittany: Oh shut up, you know you’re the only one for me. Todd: Yeah yeah, alright well I’m going to head out, tell your mom I said bye for me babe. Love you Brittany: Baby don’t gooo, why don’t you stay tonight? My mom won’t mind.
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Todd: I got a lot of work to do, I’ll pick you up for school in the morning. Brittany: Fine, I’ll miss you! (Todd Exits, Brittany is alone in her room writing in her diary center stage) Brittany (pulls out a diary, writing to her self, voicing thoughts): I don’t understand why he wouldn’t stay the night, he always stays with me, and he’s a senior he never has homework!! He has been acting so weird lately, I’m starting to get worried. What if there’s someone else? Jamie is always all over him at school but he says their just friends. I really hope he’s right, I can’t imagine my life without him. Off to bed, I hope he doesn’t forget to pick me up tomorrow. SCENE TWO (Brittany is at her house in the kitchen, seated stage center, speaking with her mom who is center stage. The lights are bright and her mother is rushing off to work.) Brittany: Mom he’s late, What if he forgets to pick me up again? Caroline: Honey, this isn’t the first time that he has done this to you. You shouldn’t be surprised
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THE 191 Script-1 - A Bittersweet Revenge Character List:...

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