THE191Midterm - What is Theatre Chapter 1 and 2 What does...

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What is Theatre – Chapter 1 and 2 What does theatre require? Actor Audience Space Text What is propaganda? Material specifically designed to advocate a particular point of view What is nontraditional casting? Casting actors of a different race than the character as written What is professional theatre? Individuals who make a living in the theatre What is Broadway? A particular area of New York What is Off-Broadway? Not located in the Broadway district What is commercial theatre? Meant to earn a profit for investors What is nonprofit theatre? May be professional but are not commercial What is resident/regional theatre? Professional, nonprofit organization that maintain a constant presence in a community and produce an entire season of plays What is amateur theatre? The practitioners don’t rely on theatrical activity for their livelihood What is educational theatre? Extracurricular or integrated into classroom structure What is community theatre? Created by residents of a particular area who come together to create theatre without being part of a larger institution What is hybrid theatre? Theater that doesn’t fit neatly into either the professional or the amateur category What is off-off Broadway? Identifies performances that occurred outside the traditional theater spaces of Broadway and Off-Broadway What is empathy? Emotional identification The ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes Feel along with the characters, not just for them What does empathy mean in the theatre? Refers to a sense of participation An identification with character What does empathy appeal to? The heart What is catharsis? Emotional release – performances can be designed to engage the audience’s feeling and build in intensity so that the spectator feels cleansed of strong emotion by the end of the play What is aesthetic distance? Psychological separation (not actual
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physical distance to actors) What does aesthetic distance appeal to? The head What is the first major choice that must be made in order to be successful in a performance? The actor-audience relationship What is hypocrites? Greek word for actor The root of our words hypocrisy and hypocrite What is mimesis? The artist’s process of imitating character and action What is Epic Theatre? Anti-illusionist theatre featuring emotional detachment, narration, songs, and obvious theatricality that was developed by German playwright, director, and theorist Bertolt Brecht What is improvisation? A type of performance in which dialogue and action are not planned ahead of time and written down but are made up on the spot by the actors What is play or script? A written text indicating the dialogue the characters peak and some of the physical action What is a production? The fully realized performance of a play with actors, sets, costumes, lighting and props Who is the playwright? The author Who is the producer? The person who handles the financial and business aspects of the production Who is the director? The person in charge of the artistic aspects
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THE191Midterm - What is Theatre Chapter 1 and 2 What does...

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