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Upon viewing “The Wiz,” I think there are many take home messages from this play, but perhaps the most important one to me is the idea of “going the distance.” This means walking down that “yellow brick road”, living life, struggling, succeeding, failing, and ultimately coming to the end of the road and finding the one thing that everyone in life strives to find—themselves. Each of us has our own road, with its own twists and turns. As we walk we find our Tin man, Scarecrow, and Lion—those people to share our journey with, to love and to help along the way, no matter what differences you share. I think this play is about the idea of self-discovery, that it spans between all cultures, races, and ethnicities—there is a universal longing to go the distance, self-discover, and be at peace with who you are in this world. As a college audience, I think this message is perfect to share with us. I think as young adults in this environment, we are more than any other age group vigorously searching for ourselves and what we think about this thing called life, and what we want to do with it. Costume design is an important theatrical element. Costume design is important because, “Beyond expressing concept and establishing the world of the play, costumes become a critical part of the audience’s reception and understanding of the characters.” (Wainscott, and Fletcher 224) In other words, we associate who the character is by what
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untitled - Upon viewing The Wiz, I think there are many...

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