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Sunny Patel March 5 th ,2011 LS Final: Jeopardy Questions 200 Small vessel that may only allow blood cells to go through it in single file // What is capillary? Circulatory Physiology: 400 Delivers deoxygenated blood from heart to lungs // What is pulmonary circulation? 600 These vessels hold the majority of the body’s blood // What are veins? 800 The messenger stimulates blood cell production // What is erythropoietin? 1000 AV and PV are open and MV and TV are closed during this process// What is ventricular systole? 400 This type of junction between cardiac myocytes allows for fast AP propagation // What is gap junction? 800 This layer of arterial and venous vessels controls vasoconstriction and dilation // What is tunica media? 1200 This structure brings blood from below the diaphragm to the heart// What is the inferior vena cava? 1600 The depolarization and repolarization of atria is represented by this ECG phenomenon // What is P-wave? 2000 It is located on the interatrial septum // What is the atrioventricular node? 200 160 mm Hg describes this pressure // What is partial pressure of O 2 in atmosphere? Respiratory Physiology: 400 These cells form the wall of alveoli // What are Type I alveolar cells? 600 During this process the volume of the lungs decreases and the pressure increases// What is expiration? 800 Inverse relationship between pressure and volume characterized by this law // What is Boyle’s Law? 1000
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view-6.php - LS Final: Jeopardy Questions Sunny Patel March...

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