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quiz 2 review - based on immunostaining of tubulin? (Note:...

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167L spring 2011 Quiz 2 review questions 1. What are 4 main types of cellular inputs? 2. What are some general behaviors that these inputs can affect? 3. Think about some different types of experiments you’ve read about or thought about that can help a researcher identify or isolate contributions from each of those cellular inputs. a. What specific laboratory techniques were used? b. What aspects of the experimental design were important in isolating causality? c. How far does it go in answering the question, what lingering doubts might there be? 4. What are the benefits and drawbacks to culturing cells in 2D and in 3D? 5. Compare 2D and 3D cell culture. Which method would you use to perform high-throughput cell- based drug screening of 100,000 compounds, when the output is a fluorescent signal intensity
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Unformatted text preview: based on immunostaining of tubulin? (Note: Anti-cancer drugs often act by disrupting cytoskeletal components) Why would you choose this method? 6. Because of all of your help with microscopy and bioconjugation, your labmate Shannon asks you to help her figure out how to measure the mechanical properties of cardiac myocytes (heart muscle cells). (a) How would you obtain these cells? (b) Shannon wants to know the difference in the Young’s modulus near actin stress fibers and near the nucleus, what measurement tool should Shannon use and why? (c) When you perform this experiment you notice that there are rhythmic fluctuations in mechanical properties; what is one way you could prevent active changes in cell mechanical properties?...
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