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Final Paper Guidelines --Race Dialogue

Final Paper Guidelines --Race Dialogue - CHS60 Intergroup...

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CHS60: Intergroup Dialogue on Race/Racism Spring 2011 Final Reflection Paper Guidelines Objective : To integrate your learning over the course of the intergroup dialogue from the activities, discussions, reading assignments, journal assignments, and action project. Page and Citation Requirements : The final paper should be 5 pages (double-spaced, 12 point font) and incorporate at least five of the assigned readings . Include a bibliography at end of paper. Responding to Guiding Questions: The Guiding Questions below are designed to help you structure your paper around five topic areas. The paper should address each topic area, but should not be written in a “question-answer” format; rather, integrate your ideas into one paper that reads smoothly. Guiding Questions 1. Hopes, Fears, and Expectations: What were your initial hopes, fears and expectations for this class? How were they met or not met? Give one or two specific examples.
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