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ENGR 98, What students need to know about careers in engineering. This course introduces students to the non-technical skills that most engineers require to be successful in their career. It also describes the “big picture” of an engineering career. It provides an integrating framework to relate the specifics of the engineering technical courses you will take at UCLA to the real world of the career engineer. Finally, the course will provide a roadmap of elective and extra- curricular activity that will strengthen skills needed to acquire a good job and achieve career success. ENGR 98 will cover: What is Engineering, who becomes an Engineer and Why? What is an Engineering Career? o The spectrum of Career Paths Engineering Disciplines and their relationship to Career Engineering Positions
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Unformatted text preview: The Engineering Project o The Disposable Camera Project o Virtual Team Projects Teamwork and Multi-discipline Collaboration Interdisciplinary and Interpersonal Skills Written and Presentation Skills (Communication) Project Management Skills and Processes Management vs. Leadership Business and Finance for Engineers Decision-making Undergraduate Goals Elective and extra-curricular options Graduate Education Many of the lectures will include guest lecturers to present aspects of their career experiences. These will include recent graduates recounting their experience transitioning from the University environment to the workplace and late career individuals describing the evolution, successes and challenges of an engineering career....
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