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Michael Short 02-01-11 Anthro 7 Week 4 1. Body size is associated with dietary quality in this way due to nutrients found in these various foods and abundance of food available. Larger animals need a large abundance of food in order to maintain body weight so they eat the more plentiful and less nutritious food. Smaller primates need less food and are more able due to their agility to acquire the more nutritious more scarce fruit. 2. Male fitness is often much more variable than female fitness due to reproduction. Females are often the primary caretakers of the young and due to this are much less variable in fitness. While males range in fitness much more due to their often lack of commitment to their offspring it allows for them to be much more variable in terms of fitness. As far as implications this has on evolution regarding males or
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Unformatted text preview: females this would serve to show that males may be much more reactionary to evolution than females as males have more room for change without hurting the ultimate goal of reproduction. 3. Single male groups are probably more likely to have infanticide than multi male or pair bonded groups due to the fact there seems to be less of a competitiveness amongst those groups. It seems that single male groups are programmed to prove dominance, having many infants not directly being an offspring of the alpha male could play into being a social problem for the alpha male. This would make some sense due to the fact that primates have been known to place high importance on social aspects of life in their groups....
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