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Michael Short Anthro 7 HW week 7

Michael Short Anthro 7 HW week 7 - change and stemmed from...

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Michael Short 02-23-11 Anthro 7 Week 7 HW 1. Evidence that suggests that Ergaster ate significant amounts of meat includes their advancement in tools, which make meat easier to cut, and the tools are cut to more of a point making them easier to spear. Also it appears this time is when fire was introduced allowing for the meat to be cooked and therefore digested easier. The evidence for H. Ergaster eating meat is better than for those using oldowan tools due to the fact that these more advanced tools had sharper edges and were consistent with butchery cutting. 2. Evidence showing the that Europe may have been subject to African invasions during the middle pleicotone era include the European divergence or “neaderalization”. This occurred because of colder climate and geographical
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Unformatted text preview: change and stemmed from an invasion into Europe. 3. There are several derived traits that distinguish humans from other hominins, some of them are a smooth brow, a tall straight back, brain size, etc. 4. If I had to pick three fossils to examine DNA in order to prove that humans evolved from Africa I would choose, H. Ergaster, H. Erectus, and H. Heidelbergensis fossils. I would choose these fossils because all of these fossils spread out on the map and I think by looking at the DNA of these fossils you could get a good idea of the age of the fossil and maybe obtain some sort of migration pattern. This is my best guess....
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