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Michael Short 03-02-11 Anthro 7 HW Week 8 1. It is possible to make phylogentic tress for mitochondrial DNA and the Y chromosome but not other chromosomes, due to the fact that DNA and the Y chromosome produce unique or distinct phylogenetic traits where as other chromosomes just contribute to specific traits such as height or weight, but are not the sole factors in deciding, often many different chromosomes have an affect on these traits. 2. Races are not biologically meaningful categories of classification for a few reasons.
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Unformatted text preview: First of all there isn’t really any genetic difference in members of different race. It would be like grouping circles together and squares together when really a certain square may be more similar genetically to a circle then a square. There is no real division between races. As well as this with the amount of gene flow in the current state races have mixed to such great extents that this also makes it pointless to classify by race....
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