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Michael Short Anthro HW Week 6

Michael Short Anthro HW Week 6 - 3 I would probably think...

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Michael Short 02-15-11 Anthro 7 HW Week 6 1. I do not believe that referring to early hominins as bipedal apes is an accurate description. I do not believe this due to the fact that there are many more characteristics and traits that make a hominin rather than an ape besides simply bipedalism. For example, brain size to body ratio, and life span are two characteristics heavily present in hominins that are not present to the same degree in apes. 2. Circumstances that may have favored divergence in hominin species may include migration due to weather climate, changing weather climate in general, following of prey, or any number of various aspects that could favor a specific divergence in a hominin species. As long as something would favor an increased fitness in a hominin species then it could be a reason for a divergence in the species itself.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. I would probably think that the selective pressures acting on early hominins would probably do very little then in the scope of selection besides initiating the use of these tools, because if they were easy to master then selective pressure may require the use of these tools, but it would be easy enough to master that the entire species would be able to use the tools to retain their fitness quite easily. This would change my ideas about who first used these tools only to think that a less evolved species would probably be the first ones and the tools would then have been used at an earlier stage than initially believed. 4. Oldawon tools were simply rocks or flakes that had been beaten and chipped to a point or edge and were used in all sorts of manners from hunting animals to digging tubers, or even wearing down a hide....
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