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Michael Short 03-08-11 Anthro 7 HW Week 9 1. I believe that female primates might reject inbreeding more than male primates do, due to the fact that females tend to be less attracted to males that they have been very close to while growing up. Along with this females tend to be less attracted sexually to males that they have grown up with, which can cause an aversion to father-daughter breeding. I would expect this gender difference to disappear in a society where it is socially unacceptable for kin to interbreed. This would be a societal behavioral change especially within the males of that species. 2. The most powerful evidence we have in proving that human language is based on special cognitive mechanisms is by comparing human language to forms of communication used by primates. Humans are able to easily grasp and understand
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Unformatted text preview: syntax, where as apes are not and often communicate using improper grammar and repetition in words. Also, humans in one culture, completely isolated from all others, will still have a language and their language will still follow the same basic rules as all other languages in the world. 3. Different behaviors in different environments is a form of culture I believe, due to primarily cumulative culture. Just like humans evolve I believe that cultures evolve or die out or stay stagnate in various different areas, and this can be explained through social learning. One person can learn from another, but if someone is not taught because they migrated to a new environment a new process of living can form and from that a new culture is created....
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