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Michael Short 02-09-11 Anthro 7 Week 5 HW 1. The problem with the reasoning behind the statement that low ranking individuals won’t reproduce in order to benefit the whole is that it goes against the fact that each individual’s goal in life is to maximize their fitness. If an individual does something for the group often it is done with the intent that in some way it is benefiting him. 2. The costs and benefits of taking a long time to grow up can include, growing larger than most other species in the area and being able to assert dominance when it comes to resources, and longer life spans. Negatives include not being able to have as many children due to inability to return to gestral state as quickly
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Unformatted text preview: as other shorter living species, and burden on the mother to protect and care for her child longer than most. 3. The oldest fossil in a particular lineage underestimates the true age of the lineage because it takes special circumstances for a fossil to be created so the oldest fossil found is most likely not representative of the beginning of the that species. This problem is affected by the quality and completeness of the fossil record, because maybe with a large amount of fossils one can date back the beginning of the species, but if the fossil record is not complete enough it is nearly impossible to accurately guess the creation of a new species with any certainty....
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