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Michael Short Ethnography Paper

Michael Short Ethnography Paper - I am white I grew up in...

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I am white. I grew up in the suburbs of White America. Never before have I been racially conspicuous; never before have I experienced being a minority of any kind. Over the break I attended a local Spanish League soccer game. In the beginning I was worried about how I would assimilate into an environment that was not my own. Knowing I would be a minority it was my belief that I might face some hostility but it was unlikely that the majority would be openly unreceptive due to basic human tendencies such as the tendency to be polite. I hypothesized that any hostility towards me would likely be subtle and underlying. Immigrants and American Race Relations alludes to the different viewpoints of first generation immigrants and those of second or third generation immigrants. From this I perceived of having different racial experiences with adults and children. On Saturday December 19 th I arrived at Marymoor Park in Redmond Washington. A soccer game was already in progress. At the games conclusion another was about to begin and I asked if I could play in this game. It was a league game so I was not allowed to play, but I was allowed to sit on the bench with the team during the game. During the warm ups I spoke to one of the player’s wife, Alejandra. We spoke about the team her husband was on and the Spanish league that the team was in. The team was called Veracruz, named after a professional Mexican team. The game started and I sat with the players on the bench. Conversation was not difficult and whenever I ran out of things to say I would just revert to talking about the game at hand. Soccer in that sense is a universal language. However, at points in conversation some of the players would revert to Spanish. When this happened I just sat quietly until it came back to English. At halftime Veracruz was up one to zero. During halftime I played soccer with the players’
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children. The second half began and I resumed my post on the bench talking to the players. At the end of the game Veracruz came through with a victory. Before I left I was invited to try a Mexican beverage, called a Jamaica (pronounced Ha-mica). After having
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Michael Short Ethnography Paper - I am white I grew up in...

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