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Michael Short Classics 51a Study Terms

Michael Short Classics 51a Study Terms - Megaron Central...

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Constatinople: Seat of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Turks: Occupied Greece and the Anthenian Acropolis Society of Dilletanti: Founded by a man. British group of elite scholars who discussed and promoted understanding of the ancient world Heinrich Schliemann: Dates and excavations Evans: Same as Schliemann George Godron: Lord Byron greek nationalist Lord Elrin: Parthenon Marbles stole became known as the elrin marbles Wincklemann: Most time spent in rome never went to Greece Stratigrophy: Studying different levels of the earth to get a sense of chronology Hissarlik: The other name for Troy Knossos: Minoans evans crete Atlantis: A lost island written about some ttry to tie it to thera Carbon dating: Scientific process used to Dendrochronology: Tree ring data Floral style: Minoan Rhyton: cup with usually a bull on it or something related Ruling the sea applied to myceneans Tephra: Volcanic ash island of akrotiri used to look at eruption Marine Style: Minoan dates Snake goddess and Minoans Magazines; Long thin storage chambers in these sites
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Unformatted text preview: Megaron: Central courtyard room supported by pillars open area Mycenean architecture Cyclopian: Big big stones seen at mycenean referring to Cyclops having to move such massive boulders Pylos: Mycenean palace palace of nestor Linear B tablets Agamemnon: Mycenean King Gold masks at grave circle Tholos: Bee hive tomb Alloy put on daggers Linear B: ancient form of writing found on crete and greek mainlands. Michael Ventris deciphered Vapheio: Vapheio cups found at this site one mycenean one minoan Stirrup Jar: Mycenean jars found at ulu burun shipwreck Tiryns: Mycenean site thought as second to Mycenae Steely: Large carved rock with an inscription (tombstone) Ulu Burun: Shipwreck off the coast of turkey had many different objects Ingets: Raw materials in form of glass tin and copper tied to Ulu Burun Seals: Different kinds of objects used as a form of writing but to also make something official Dypthic: Writing thing Ballast...
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