Michael Short FTV 108 Triumph of will

Michael Short FTV 108 Triumph of will - Compare two city...

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Triumph of will Prelude to war Listen to Britain Prelude to war: Compilation documentary, Triumph of Will: Leni Reifenstahl, Non Commentary Stylistics: Non Commentary Listen to Britain: Non Commentary Triumph of Will/Listen to Britain Similarities No Narrative Even though no narrators still lies in poetic realm Propagandistic Both impersonal without commentary Both evoke feelings of national pride Differences Triumph of Will More forced conclusion Positive reinforcement with certain images and Germany in general More direct forced emotion More of a prestigious feel Maybe directed to encapsulate what they want to Nazi party to become Political approach and agenda Listen To Britain More ambiguous: by way of editing Promotes war effort while still enabling society to maintain identity and live as they did before war Social and cultural approach Poetic Style: Lie between personal and social Potential Prompts
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Unformatted text preview: Compare two city symphonies Rain V Berlin Avan garde French movement Crossbreed breed of the arts Differences Opposites Man with the movie camera v Kooyanistaski Only music for both and similar aspects of staging Differences :Theme Man viewed city as positive other did not Sylistically: Man was much more action cut shots editing etc. The Quiet One v. Let there be light Both considered semi documentaries Motivation: both films have a socialization type motivation I.e. nature vs nurture Idea of individual, concentrating on himself , or the family structure Pacifist tendencies; I.e. learning to build instead of destroy Children growing up in fun arts and crafts environment Race is relevant but not mentioned Both progress to a happy conclusion but show signs of remaining problems Most of the Quiet one shown as a flashback, Light fragmentally moves forward...
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Michael Short FTV 108 Triumph of will - Compare two city...

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