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Michael Short ftv 132 HW Week 1

Michael Short ftv 132 HW Week 1 - comes from his...

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Michael Short 03-30-11 FTV 132 Assignment Week 1 Logline 5 Actual Movies 1. Fracture (2007) a. An up and coming lawyer risks everything on a criminal case dealing with a criminal genius who cleverly manipulates the judicial system. 2. The King’s Speech (2010) a. King George VI works with an odd kind of therapist in an attempt to conquer a speech impediment. This struggle occurs during a time where radio is prevalent and he is forced to speak publicly to his people. 3. Walk the Line (2005) a. The story of Johnny Cash and his struggles as he goes from his farming childhood, to eventually being known as one of the greatest musicians in American history. 4. Men of Honor (2000) a. An African American man struggles to become the first African American master chief diver in United States history. One of his greatest challenges
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Unformatted text preview: comes from his disapproving diving instructor. 5. Bad Boys (1995) a. Two police partners work together to stop a drug deal in this guns-a-blazing action comedy. 3 Potential Movies 1. Dynasty a. The epic true story of Coach John Wooden and his UCLA team as they make college basketball history. 2. A Boy named Cheese a. A 12 year old boy named Cheese Pendergraff, goes to extraordinary lengths, in an attempt to gain the acceptance of his classmates. He is about to give up until one quirky little girl, Olive Alice, shows him its okay to be different. 3. Johnny V a. A professional baseball player’s career is cut short due to a tragic injury. During his recovery Johnny V, finds himself addicted to Vicodin and struggles to deal with his addiction as it rips his life apart....
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