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Michael Short FTV 132 Week 3

Michael Short FTV 132 Week 3 - believe is the point at...

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Michael Short 04-14-11 803781208 Week 3 Logline: Wallace takes Gromit for granted until an unexpected visitor arrives and comes between them, while simultaneously committing a crime. Gromit is the only one who can stop the visitor and save Wallace. Tent Poles Equilibrium: The equilibrium in this story involves Wallace and Gromit living together. Wallace takes Gromit for granted and he feels unwanted. Inciting Incident : The inciting incident, the point in where Wallace and Gromit’s equilibrium is changed, is when they rent out their extra room to the penguin. 1 st Act Break: The first act break, the point where the complications really begin, I
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Unformatted text preview: believe is the point at which Gromit gets fed up of Wallace spending time with the penguin and moves out. 2 nd Act Break: The second act break is short, but it’s the point at which both Wallace and Gromit are at gunpoint and forced into a locked closet. They appear to be stuck for good with no way out. Climax: The climax is the train chase between Wallace and Gromit and the Penguin. New Equilibrium: The New Equilibrium is the same as the original equilibrium, except it is now apparent that Wallace appreciates and loves Gromit....
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