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UCLA – 132 – Screenwriting Fundamentals Instructor: Brian Price SCENE-O-GRAM (based on Hal Ackerman’s paradigm) Equilibrium Unifying Devices adffasdf The story opens with Dave happily playing tag with his friends in the yard. His mother opens the front door and calls Dave in for dinner After a great dinner Dave’s parents tell him and his sister that they are moving from South Africa to England, because his dad got transferred. Dave has a tough time adjusting to his new home and making friends. His father gives him a guitar to cheer him up. This helps and Dave begins to come closer to his sister Just as the family is really adapting to London Dave’s father dies unexpectedly from a heart attack. Dave and his family are forced to move to North Carolina because his aunt hired his mother as an accountant. Dave submerges himself in music as a means for coping with his father. His sister sings and they become very close. Dave forms a band
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