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Michael Short Geo HW Week 8 Readings-1

Michael Short Geo HW Week 8 Readings-1 - Michael Short Geo...

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Michael Short 02-26-10 Geo 5 Week 8 Readings In response to the question the answer to whether or not climate change has had an effect on my life is not as easy as a simple “yes” or “no”, but rather has many aspects to it. Has climate change specifically had a great effect on my life, no, but has climate change modified my life and environment in specific ways, yes. The alterations have come gradually, and I believe will continue to come gradually as society continues to advance and enact new processes and restrictions controlling pollutants that increase climate change. From this perspective, there will for the most part be a stabilization of the current climate conditions. However, if restrictions and laws are not created restricting the moderation at which specific pollutants are being used then the climate change will continue to be a factor throughout the world. As of now the climate change situation has only affected my life on a very minute level. These changes have come in the form of technology, pushed forward by the general
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