Michael Short Interracial Dynamics Field Work Report

Michael Short Interracial Dynamics Field Work Report -...

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Michael Short 01-05-09 Interracial Dynamics Field Work Report What Happened Arrived at Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington at around 11:30 a.m. Watched the end of the game that was already in progress The teams that were playing next began to warm up and I approached them to see if I might be able to play I introduced myself to one of the players and asked if I could play with them He responded by telling me I couldn’t play because it was a league game After I asked if I could hang out with the players on the bench during the game He agreed and for the rest of the team’s warm-ups I sat on the bleachers with Jaime’s wife, Alejandra. Alejandra was very nice and we had around a ten-minute conversation Once the game started I went down to the bench and got to sit with the substitutes. Throughout the game the players and I talked about the events taking place on the field. Often the substitutes would switch over to speaking Spanish. At halftime Veracruz was up one to zero against Cruz Azul. I didn’t participate in the halftime talk, but instead I played on the field with some of the kids. The second half began and Cruz Azul quickly scored a goal to tie the game. The substitutes were clearly frustrated Veracruz scored another goal with around ten minutes left in the second half and from there went onto a 2-1 victory The win put Veracruz in 2 nd place in their division After the game some of the wives had made this flower drink called, Jamaica (pronounced Ha-mica) and offered me some. I tried it and thanked them for allowing me to hang around for the game They said it was their pleasure and that was the end of my experience The Affect When I first got to Marymoor I was much more nervous than I expected It was good I was able to watch the rest of a game before I had to ask to play; it
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Michael Short Interracial Dynamics Field Work Report -...

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