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Michael Short 12-06-09 Interracial Dynamics Prospectus Over winter break I plan to attend a Mexican league soccer game at Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington. I know from previous years playing at Marymoor Park that there are Mexican league games every Saturday morning. I plan on going to the park one Saturday morning over break and asking if I would be able to play in a game with them. If I am not allowed to actually participate in the game then my plan is to hang out on the bleachers with the team’s families and interact with the fans while we watch the game. I know from seeing the games in the past that at every game the fans usually have a barbeque and the player’s entire families come to the game, making it a big event every Saturday. In order to really receive an experience from this outing I plan on being as outgoing as necessary in order to really get a feel for racial surrounding that I will be
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Unformatted text preview: submerging myself in. I believe that I may be treated differently or with an undertone of resentment during my interaction at the Mexican soccer game. This belief stems from the lecture by professor Ortiz. In Ortizs lecture she discussed how Mexicans have immigrated to America and occupied the lower paying jobs that Americans do not necessarily want. I know in my area the majority of Mexicans do occupy the less prestigious jobs, and for this reason I feel like I may be treated differently. My hypothesis stems more from socio-economic status rather than racial status, but at the same time I feel these two have somewhat of a direct correlation. However I believe that if I am outgoing enough I will be able to find a common bond in the sport of soccer, and hopefully my race may be forgotten....
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