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Michael Short IRD Sociology paper - 1 Michael Short...

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1 Michael Short 11-30-09 Interracial Dynamics Sociological Analysis Asian Immigration: The Transformation of Racialization Throughout the history of immigration in the United States all immigrant groups have had their effect on the reality of race and the racial order in the U.S.; Asian immigrants are no different. There are many factors affecting the American perspective towards the more recent Asian immigrants. However, these factors have primarily gone to helping these immigrants climb the racial ladder, and Asian immigrants have ultimately become one of the highest minorities in the racial order. In the United States Asian immigrants have gone through two separate periods of racialization. The first period occurred prior to the 1960’s, primarily in the mid 1800’s. The second era of racialization towards Asian immigrants came post 1960’s. I argue that Asian immigrants since the 1960’s are among the top echelons of minorities in the racial order. They are almost fully accepted in the United States due to an increased number of skilled laborers and through United States political involvement in the years before and after the 1960’s. For the most part, access to education increased in Asian countries— especially Southeast Asia—throughout the 20 th century. After a large increase in education the number of skilled laborers in these countries grew. The substantial growth in skilled laborers then led to mass frustration with the countries’ lack of economic opportunity and government restriction in business. The frustration was
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2 followed by mass immigration to the United States. Currently going through a severe shortage of white-collar laborers, the United States provided the economic
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Michael Short IRD Sociology paper - 1 Michael Short...

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