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Celia Natividad Mr. Williams Criminology 262.09 19 April 2011 General Standard Theory with school shootings There have been more than several incidents of American school shootings. With each of these incidents of school shootings, the criminals behind this have their reasoning of why they committed this crime. The school shootings such as Columbine, Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois, and Red Lake in Minnesota were shootings that were similar to each other. These three shootings had shooters that were bullied physically and mentally. Since these shooters were bullied and made fun of, they made the choice of killing people. The theory that can be the best explanation of why there are shootings in America is under the Anomie theory which is Robert Agnew’s General Strain theory. This theory best explains the school shootings because according to Agnew (Hagan p.150); feel mistreated due to negative relationships. This could be by insults or physical assaults. General Strain theory is the best explanation for shootings in American schools. Columbine was a high school shooting. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were two high school students who were the criminals of the Columbine shooting. These two individuals were said to have been bullied and teased by their classmates. They wore trench coats that were black, and their classmates called them the “Trench coat Mafia” (Gibbs p.1). These boys were taunted repeatedly, and not only by their classmates but it was said that there were even teachers who taunted them as well (Gibbs p.1), and let the other classmates get away with taunting those boys. These boys wanted revenge, and there were warnings. They were out to get the jocks, and athletes. The general strain theory states that negative insults could increase the emotion of anger and frustration (Hagan p.150), which can cause a crime that has to deal with resolving these emotions. Klebold and Harris were taunted by classmates, as well as teachers, and this made them angry. With all this anger, they committed this crime of killings because they wanted to resolve these emotions, by getting rid of the problem. The problem to these boys was they were getting bullied, and even the higher authority did nothing to help them not get bullied. And because of this, they wanted to get back, and show they had muscle. They wanted payback for all
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theories paper - Celia Natividad Mr Williams Criminology...

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