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Mandibular Nerve block (Other techniques)

Mandibular Nerve block (Other techniques) - Long Buccal...

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Unformatted text preview: Long Buccal Nerve Block Long Anterior branch of Mandibular nerve (V3) Provides buccal soft tissue anesthesia adjacent Provides to mandibular molars to Not required for most restorative procedures Buccal Nerve Block Buccal Indications Anesthesia required - mucoperiosteum buccal to mandibular molars buccal Contraindications Infection/inflammation at injection site Infection/inflammation Buccal Nerve Block Buccal Advantages Technically easy Technically High success rate High Disadvantages Discomfort Discomfort Buccal Nerve Block Buccal Alternatives Buccal infiltration Buccal Gow-Gates Gow-Gates PDL PDL Intraseptal Intraseptal Buccal Nerve Block Buccal Technique Apply topical Apply Insertion distil and buccal to last molar Insertion Target - Long Buccal nerve as it passes anterior border of ramus anterior Insert approx. 2 mm, aspirate Insert Inject 0.3 ml of solution, slowly Inject Buccal Nerve Block Buccal Landmarks Mandibular molars Mandibular Mucobuccal fold Mucobuccal Buccal Nerve Block Buccal Complications Hematoma (unusual) Hematoma Positive aspiration 0.7 % 0.7 Mental Nerve Block Mental Terminal branch of IAN as it exits mental Terminal foramen foramen Provides sensory innervation to buccal soft Provides tissue anterior to mental foramen, lip and chin Mental Nerve Block Mental Indication Need for anesthesia in innervated area Need Contraindication Infection/inflammation at injection site Infection/inflammation Mental Nerve Block Mental Advantages Easy, high success rate Easy, Usually atraumatic Usually Disadvantage Hematoma Hematoma Mental Nerve Block Mental Alternatives Local infiltration Local PDL PDL Intraseptal Intraseptal Inferior alveolar nerve block Inferior Gow Gates Gow Mental Nerve Block Mental Complications Few Few Hematoma Hematoma Positive aspiration 5.7 % 5.7 Incisive Nerve Block Incisive Terminal branch of IAN Terminal Originates in mental foramen and proceeds anteriorly anteriorly Good for bilateral anterior anesthesia Good Not effective for anterior lingual anesthesia Incisive Nerve Block Incisive Nerves anesthetized Incisive Incisive Mental Mental Incisive Nerve Block Incisive Areas Anesthetized Mandibular labial mucous membranes Mandibular Lower lip / skin of chin Lower Incisor, cuspid and bicuspid teeth Incisor, Incisive Nerve Block Incisive Indication Anesthesia of pulp or tissue required anterior to mental foramen anterior Contraindication Infection/inflammation at injection site Infection/inflammation Incisive Nerve Block Incisive Advantages High success rate High Pulpal anesthesia w/o lingual anesthesia Pulpal Disadvantages Lack of lingual or midline anesthesia Lack Incisive Nerve Block Incisive Complications Hematoma Hematoma Positive aspiration 5.7 % 5.7 ...
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