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SYLLABUS: Term - Spring Term 2006 Instructor: Dr. J. Nicholas Ehringer Office: Brandon Science Bld # 107 Office phone: 253-7833 - leave messages on the voice mail. E-Mail: [email protected] or [email protected] Content : this course, the first of a two course sequence, introduces the student to the structure and function of the human body, to include cells, tissues, skin, bones, muscles, and nervous systems. Wherever applicable, anatomical relationships are correlated to health and disease. Schedule: class meets on T and Th at 9:30 am in Room BSCI 211. Examinations : there will be several examinations during the course, covering units of material. An average of all of these examinations will count for 60% of the final grade. The lowest test grade will be dropped, with the test average coming from the highest grades. NO MAKEUP EXAMINATIONS WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANY REASON. A comprehensive final examination will be given which will account for 25% of the final grade. Gordon Rule : Writing Requirement: The Gordon Rule writing requirement is 1,500 words and counts for 15% of the final grade. In this course the rule will be met by submitting article summaries. The summaries will be read and graded. The following steps must be followed : 1. Summarize from 1 to 12 articles. 2. Turn in all of the article summaries at the same time in one stapled set. Do not use folders. 3. Type the summaries. 4.
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04A6DDE830E3460FA25760E7842243F5 - SYLLABUS BSC 1085...

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