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BSC 1011: BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE II Professor: Dr. J. Nicholas Ehringer Office: Brandon Campus, Science Bld 107 Office ph: 253-7833 (voice mail available) E-Mail nehringer@verizon.net or nehringer@hccfl.edu Text : Biology by: Campbell and Reece Examinations : There will be numerous examinations given throughout the course. Each exam will cover the information contained in a unit of study as indicated on the attached outline. All of the test grades will be averaged to count for 70% of the final grade. Makeup examinations will not be given for any reason. Instead of having makeup exams, the lowest test grade will be dropped from the course average. Therefore, the exam average will be the average of the three highest test scores. Exam dates and times will be announced in class. Awareness of the exam dates is the responsibility of the student. Ignorance of an exam date is not a justifiable reason for missing an exam. Final:
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4E292045CD11453C8C2C34993E6CFEBE - BSC 1011: BIOLOGICAL...

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