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Syllabus: Laboratory Term – Spring term 2006 Instructor: Dr. J. Nicholas Ehringer Office: Brandon Science 107 Office phone: 253-7833 E-Mail: [email protected] Content : This course is the laboratory course that accompanies the lecture course: Required textbook by: Ehringer. Starfish Publishing Company Schedule: class meets on MW at 7:45 am or W at 7:00 pm in Room BSCI 114. Grading : An examination will follow each unit of the course. The grades from all of the tests will be averaged for a final grade. Some of the examinations will be oral. Some labs require the student to research answers and write them out on the lab form. For these labs the student will have one lab period to turn in the work. These labs will be graded. Any labs turned in late will receive a lower grade automatically. Note : all work on the lab forms must be that of individual student and not the work of two or more. Copying or plagiarism is not allowed. A grade of “F” will be given if this is not followed. Grading scale
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6DF1D1D149B64E7781AD9DEB4667434A - Syllabus: BSC 1086L...

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