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BSC 1011L: BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE II LABORATORY Instructor: Dr. J. Nicholas Ehringer Office: Brandon Campus, Science 107 Office ph: 253-7833 Text : Biology Laboratory Manual by: Ehringer Starfish Publishing Company Tests : The average of 1 lab test will count for 25% the grade with 75 % coming from assignments. Assignments : Results and drawings of lab exercises are to be turned in the week following the lab. An ecological report will be written on the ecology of the pond. This will count for 75% of the grade. Attendance : Attendance in the lab is required. Grading : 90 - 100 = A 80 - 89 = B 70 - 79 = C 60 - 69 = D below 60 = F Cheating: Cheating of any kind on an examination or a lab report will result in a grade of zero. Concept: The concept of this lab is to take the student into the aquatic environment to study and classify organisms from the kingdoms. Instead of using prepared organisms, the students will collect and identify live organisms. The goal of the collection and identification process is to lead to an understanding of what an
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