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J. Nicholas Ehringer Personal Data: Office: Hillsborough Community College/ Brandon Campus 10414 E. Columbus Dr. Tampa, FL 33619 Office # (813) 253-7833 E-Mail: [email protected] Occupation : Full-time tenured professor of biological and ecological sciences at Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, Florida (Brandon Campus). Primary teaching duties include the teaching of General Biology I and II, Ecology, Environmental Science, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Marine Biology and the corresponding laboratories. Honors classes taught in Marine Biology, Biological Science II and Environmental Science. President: Tampa Bay Education and Research Foundation – a non-profit organization. Education : B.A. degree from Jacksonville University in 1968. Major: biology with minors in chemistry and psychology. Registered Radiologic Technologist (inactive status) Certified Ecologist Master's degree from Florida Atlantic University in 1974. Major subject field was biology with strong emphasis on marine biology, ecology, and ichthyology. Doctorate degree in biology and education from Florida Atlantic University in 1979. Grants : The following is a list of grants awarded since 1985: Abbott Laboratories from Chicago awarded 4 straight years of grants to study the effects of Bacillus thuringiensis and Bacillus sphericus on mosquito larvae in the state of Florida. The bacteria were known to kill mosquito larvae, exactly which species and in which types of environments was unknown prior to the study. Grant from Tampa Electric Company to perform an ecological survey of the plants in the Cockroach Creek area of Hillsborough County, Florida. Grant from the State of Florida HRS, Entomology Services to make four educational videos on the procedures for identification of mosquitoes, adult and larvae, in Florida. Sea Grant project: Assessment of "Live Rock" harvesting in Tampa Bay. Project was completed in July of 1991. Grant from student government at Hillsborough Community College to make a museum exhibit on the fresh water fish of Florida, identification and osteology. Finished in the winter of 1993. Grant from Tampa Electric Company to identify and remove exotic plants from the Cockroach Creek property, summer of 1992 and also in 1993. Grant from the Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission to study the effects of propeller scars on seagrasses in Cockroach Bay Florida. The grant is a joint grant with Clinton Dawes from U.S.F. and myself for a two year period. Amount:
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$113,000. Extended to June of 1995 for further research.
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6135877F8E70403FBB8B385EC4DDC3B2 - J. Nicholas Ehringer...

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