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Joints - Joints Joints 1 Synarthroses Fibrous Sutures&...

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Unformatted text preview: Joints Joints 1. Synarthroses: Fibrous Sutures & Teeth 2. Amphiarthroses: Cartilaginous epiphyseal plates, intervertebral disks, pubic symphysis 3. Diarthroses: Synovial Ball and Socket, Hinge, Pivot, Condyloid, Gliding, Saddle Immovable Joints: Skull Sutures Immovable Slightly Movable Joints Slightly Pubic symphysis, Intervertebral and epiphyseal plates Synovial Joints: Diarthroses Diarthroses Ball and Socket Hinge Pivot Condyloid (ellipsoidal) Gliding Saddle 6 Types of Movable Joints Joints Ball-and-Socket Ball-and-Socket Shoulder & Hip Hinge Elbow Knee Ankle Occiptial bone & Atlas Pivot Pivot Atlas & Axis Radius & Ulna Condyloid (ellipsoidal) Condyloid Gliding (plane) Gliding Saddle Saddle Hand: Gliding, Saddle, Condyloid Hand: Where is the hinge joint? Joint Problems: Rotator Cuff Joint Joint Problems: ACL Joint There are over 200,000 anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries that occur in the United States annually. An ACL injury is extreme stretching or tearing of this central ligament in the knee. Intact Lt. ACL Intact Joint Problems: Arthritis Arthritis RA on Xray RA Joint Problems: Arthritis Arthritis Lymphocyte: RA is an autoimmune disease. Herniated Herniated Disk Back Problems Back Kyphosis Scoliosis X-ray of Disk Degeneration X-ray Review Review Joint Movements Movements Ligaments of the Foot Ligaments ...
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