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PSY 101 study guide exam 2

PSY 101 study guide exam 2 - PSY 101 study guide exam 2 1...

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PSY 101 study guide exam 2 1. Know the definition of sensitization and habituation. 2. Understand classical conditioning. What is a conditioned stimulus, an unconditioned stimulus, conditioned response, unconditioned response? Be able to apply these terms. 3. Understand operant conditioning. Know the terms: shaping, positive and negative reinforcement, positive and negative punishment, primary and secondary reinforcer. 4. Understand the reinforcement schedules. 5. Know the terms: cognition, concept (logical and natural), schema, script, algorithm, heuristics, analogies, fixation. Understand representativeness and availability heuristics. 6. Understand Alfred Binet’s, Lewis Terman’s, and David Wechsler’s measures of intelligence. 7. Know the major theories of intelligence by Spearman, Gardner, and Sternberg. 8. What is emotional intelligence? 9. What is crystallized versus fluid intelligence? How do these change with age? 10. Define Personality.
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