Gender&Colonialism - GENDER &(Gendered)Spheresin...

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GENDER : the late 19th Century:  Middle class  women were cast as homemakers, wives and  Mothers.     Public Sphere : Where the “head” is (intellect, reason,  masculinity) male sphere of politics, business, men’s clubs. Private Sphere : Where the “heart” is (sentimentality, sympa- thy, femaleness, emotion). Women’s role : create the ideal haven for man from the  “contaminants” of the modern world.    “straight and narrow” & set standards of “respectability” -submissiveness: piety and devotion to God and  husband -housework: needle work as morally uplifting work               -education of children  -women find a public role in the  project of imperialism Alfred Lord Tennyson, Eng. poet                 “The Princess” Man for the field and woman for  the hearth Man for the sword and for the needle she Man with the head and woman with the heart Man to command and woman to obey. All else is confusion.
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Western women could act as missionaries, bringing European notions of gender and sexuality, as well as elements of medicine, education and culture to the new colonies. Colonial subjects, especiall
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Gender&Colonialism - GENDER &(Gendered)Spheresin...

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